• Light hose with a weight of 240gr/m.
  • Highly flexible hose, with a high bending ratio without collapse.
  • Bending radius of 400mm.
  • Easy-to-handle hose, also comfortable to move and drag. Easy sliding on the ground by one person. Big turn on stairs.
  • High resistant hose to continuous use in the last outflow section. Its burst over 90 bar ensures its safety.
  • Low pressure loss due to its specially formulated rubber inner. Smooth inside.
  • Its color makes it easy to find.
  • High adhesion over 40N, which guarantees durability and resistance. The better the adhesion of layers is the better the ageing. Far exceeds the requires of the standard NF 61112.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Easy to pick and roll up.


Supplied with hard anodized aluminum fittings in red.

Fitted with corrosion resistant stainless-steel wire. Red colored ral 3001.



  • Ideal for urban fires as last sections in the extinguishing line.
  • Industrial use
  • Security services
  • Technical assistance services